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Boonton, NJ

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Family comes first.

So many people ask us why we're so great.

No, really, they do!

Simple. Family comes first. Always has, always will. And Leo does his best every day to reflect that in his work. At the end of each business day, he cares about you and the comfort of your family. After all, we think that feeling comfortable is key when hiring a contractor. LLC is a family-run business. We clean up after ourselves each day. We love dogs. We're parents like you. And we care about your property!

Another reason? Honesty is our thing. There is no fine print, and there are no surprises. Our estimates are customizable based on your budget, and we'll discuss options with you in advance to come up with a number you like. We love to please our clients with knowing that they do not have to search any further for the right price until Leo's talked to them about their needs. If a client likes Leo and knows they can trust him, why waste time by shopping around?

Why else? Well, we're perfectionists. Our custom design plans are reviewed with you before we begin. We will advise you of any obstacles or considerations ahead of time. And there is no cutting corners with us... we carefully do it right the first time.

What do you look for in a contractor?

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